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Hairstyling Session

45-60 minutes


Perfect for date night, school dances or the next family photoshoot! Basic hair curls are $75. Any styling beyond curling would be $100. 

Hairstyling Lesson

Average lesson is usually 1-1.5 hours

In Studio or via Zoom

$100 an hour

This is a great option for anyone looking to expand their artistry! Are you tired of styling your hair the same way every day? It does not do what it used to do & products do not make sense anymore? Let Amber, lead hairstylist & co-owner, help!


Glitter Glam Braids

60 minutes

$75  with client supplied hair

$120 with supplied 2G1BB hair

These are so fun & colorful! Perfect for festivals or concerts! Bring your own synthetic braiding hair or we can consult so I can supply your favorite color scheme!  


Hairstyling Session, Hairstyling Lessons, Hair Tinsel

Who wouldn't love this as a gift?!

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