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Makeup Session

45 - 60 minutes


This is the perfect service for date night or professional photos!

Includes lashes, luxury products & a touch-up lip.

*add-on fees may apply

Makeup Lessons

Average lesson is usually 1-1.5 hours

In Studio or via Zoom

$100 an hour

Have a one on one private lesson with Tess, owner of 2G1BB & lead MUA. She will go over skin care and products. She will go over your own personal makeup with you & teach you how to apply it. She also has amazing recommendations of products & techniques to add to your routine. 


Deluxe Touch Up Kit


This is a wonderful purchase for someone who is dipping their toes into self care & does not know where to start. This will have products, tools, 
& a guideline to help start your new makeup look! This is also a perfect addition for single makeup sessions & brides who want to carry the look for long periods of time. 

Gift Certificates Available!

Makeup Session or Makeup Lesson

Who wouldnt love this as a gift?! 

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